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Web Designing FAQS

We have compiled the most popular questions we are asked. In the event that your answer cannot be found here, please, contact us! We welcome all inquiries!

Do you have a portfolio that I can view?
A. Yes. Our portfolio can be viewed

How long will it take to develop my site?
A. Time is determined by many factors.

Such as:
How many pages will be in your site?
Will your site be an e-commerce site?
Do you have a current site or is this brand new?
Why type of content were you wanting?
Will there be multimedia files?
Do you want flash?
Do you need forms?

These are just a few questions that determine how long it will take to develop your site.

How do I get the information to you to place on my site?
A. You can either email us the information. (We prefer that all context/text for your site be emailed in order to expedite the completion of your project.) And, we request that high volume of images (for photo gallerys), mp3, audios and vids be mailed to us on a CD.

What do I need to get online?
A. You simply need three things:

1. A domain name
2. A Web Hosting Provider
3. A Website

WE can provide you with ALL THREE!

Will I be able to view my site while it is being built?
A. Yes! We will provide you with a link that will allow you to see the design being developed. At any time you want something changed, added, deleted, etc. let us know! Its much easier in the early stages of development to make changes -vs- changing many pages after the site is almost done.

How and when will payment be due?
A. Payment is generally made in 2 installments. 50% on order and the balance is due when the web design work is completed. Once payment has been made in full, we will publish your site online.

Do I need to sign a contract?
A. If the site exceeds a certain monitary limit, then yes, you will be required to sign a contract.

Do you provide quotes?
A. We are more than happy to provide quotes. Please use the form on our contact page.

Can you develop an e-Commerce site for me?
A. Yes!

We can -

- Register your domain name
- Provide you with Web Hosting
- Design your website
- Add images of all your products
- Help you establish the capabilities of accepting credit cards online

E-Commerce websites cost more to build because it involves more intricacies. But...they are so well worth having!

Is there a money back guarantee?
A. We will not make any steps without your approval; so, it would seem as if it would not be necessary, but yes, in the even that you are not satisfied, we do have a policy noted in the contract.

Who will own the design once it has been completed?
A. Once payment has been made in it's entirety, full ownership of the site as well as a backup of the website is given to you.

Can you do my design, register my domain name AND provide web hosting?
A. Yes! We are a full service provider and can assist you in all these areas. Your Web Hosting and Domain Services will be completed through our site. (Yes...we own this site!)

How are you going to design my site if I am not local?
A. The largest majority of sites we have designed have been done through simple online correspondence, through forms or by email. If you would like to personally speak with us over the phone, not a problem! We're more than happy to accomodate you in any way we possibly can.

After my site is completed, can you provide updates?
A. You bet! We have learned that most people do not want to have to deal with updates but would rather focus on their mission instead. Based upon the number of updates you will need and the type of updates, we offer excellent monthly
maintenace plans and fees.

What if I don't know anything about hosting/designs?
A. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have. And...don't be afraid to ask questions. No one is born "knowing it all." What we do know, we will gladly share.

Will I be able to manage my site once it's completed?
A. All of the sites we create can be edited with Frontpage. (They are NOT created with Frontpage but they can be EDITED with Frontpage)

Where are you located?
A. We are located at 7215 Taylorsville Rd, Huber Hts, OH 45424

Do you have a Hosting Forum and a Designing Forum?
A. We have a knowlegebase section for our LastDayWarriors, HostingWarriors and services!



If you have questions that are not listed here please contact us!


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