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"Thank you from the deep of my heart... you have been wonderful and patient with me. Thanks for doing business with me and being
complete in all that you do."

- Rita

" Rita. You are so very welcome!."


... No. A personal and humble thank you to each and everyone of you. You placed your trust and your confidence in us. Thank you for allowing us to share your enthusiasm and for letting us be a small part of your online ministry.

...That is an honor within itself.

Blessings to you all from the staff at Gabriel



"I am overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and kindness.  Our God is so Gracious and Merciful to us as we trust him.   I have the same excitement right now as I did when the Lord led me to your website.  The strength of your work and it's beauty told me that you are "sold-out".  One recognizes another, right.  The Lord told me to trust you, and I did."

- Dorothy Wesley

"Dorothy, thank you so very much for your trust in us. And we thank God for leading you to our site.."



"I appreciate all the hard work you've put into
this site. You have been a true God send and I'm truly amazed! Again, ...last time... YOU ROCK!!!!!"

- Holly Mutlu

"YOU rock Sister and so does your awesome ministry. Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of it."


"WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No punn intended!!! I am sooooo speechless... AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work. You are helping bring this vision to life!"

- Vandalia Christian Tabernacle

"GOD is awesome and we thank Him for showing us how to do this project for you."


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