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We have come up with what we feel are valuable online webmaster resources. Enjoy!

No formal product support is provided. In no event will we be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental, or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of the scripts contained within. This package is provided "as is" and without warranties. Use of this product constitutes acceptance of the "No Liability" policy.

LINES OVER & UNDER YOUR LINKS SCRIPT - Displays Lines Over and Under your Links

LINK MASK SCRIPT - This small script masks the URL in the status bar to hide the real link to that particular page.

NEON LIGHTS SCRIPT - an effective way in which to draw attention to signs and banners on the street, and now, to your webpage text as well! Requires IE 4+ or NS6+ to work, with all other browsers seeing simply the plain version of the text.

NO RIGHT CLICK SCRIPT - A "silent" version of the popular that doesn't' alert a message. To alert or not to alert that is the question.

OVERLAPPING TEXT SCRIPT - with Cascading Stylesheets. This is a cool way to make text overlap without using a graphic

PANORAMIC IMAGE VIEWER SCRIPT - Use this script to add life to your panoramic images

POP-UP IMAGE VIEWER SCRIPT - This is a useful image viewer script that launches the images in a separate mini window.

POST-IT NOTES SCRIPT - Use it to broadcast special events or news on your site.

PREVENT PAGE PRINTING SCRIPT - While not totally preventing someone from printing the page document, this script will make it much more difficult to do so.

PRO SCROLL SCRIPT - A highly configurable, fast loading, and multi-featured text scroller

PROGRESS BAR SCRIPT - This is a fully customizable "time based" progress bar.

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